Voxygen’s Second Number

Until now, ‘Two’ numbers on one phone has been a long sought-after concept but with limited and poor execution. Voxygen’s Second Number service provides a uniform solution that enables operators to bring new meaning to ‘mobile workforce’. The ability to not only receive incoming calls on your second number, but to also make outbound calls and send / receive SMS.

Use cases

Unique in the Market

Number Management

Intuitive DID and Landline number management through mobile UI

OTT Deployment

Can be deployed as Over The Top (OTT) of the network but can still facilitate network products

Simple Mobile UI

See recent call logs, SMS threads and return missed calls

Inbound & Outbound

Make outbound (Mobile Originating) and receive inbound (Mobile Terminating) calls and SMS

Single Voicemail

Uses your existing voicemail on your mobile


Orchestrates with other Voxygen Platform products creating powerful communication suite

Benefits of Voxygen’s PaaS

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