Voxygen’s Cloud Mobile PBX

TeamMate, Voxygen’s unique approach to Cloud PBX. We concentrate on the features that people need most, greatly simplifying the process of performing traditionally complex tasks such as setting up an IVR or a Group Hunt. TeamMate adds all of an organisation’s PBX-like feature requirements to their employees' existing mobile phone number with no changes in existing behaviour and no secondary voicemail system.

Use cases

Unique in the Market


Visibility of mobile employees' ‘presence’ data. Occupied, Away and Offline


Creating IVR couldn't be simpler by recording an outbound greeting from your mobile


You can silently barge into an active call and either listen or whisper to your colleague

Group Hunt

Parallel or sequential hunt groups can be set up depending on the needs of your organisation

Call Recording

Record calls directly as they happen on the mobile network

Call Transfer

Attended and Unattended Call Transfer to another attendant

Call Forwarding

Forward inbound calls to voicemail, another location or to another team member

Number Management

Intuitive DID and Landline number management through mobile UI


SIP trunking products & Skype for Business

Single Voicemail

Uses your existing voicemail on your mobile

Benefits of Voxygen’s PaaS

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