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Communication & Call Recording

Our Next Generation Recording solution offers the ability to capture mobile, fixed, UC voice calls and SMS messages in the core of the network and delivers them securely to a hosted storage platform accessible through a dedicated web portal. Our recording solution provides both MiFID II and GDPR compliance.

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Mobile First Conferencing

Just Call Me - our revolutionary Mobile First Conference Calling service integrates with the operator network to enable end users the ability to turn their existing mobile number into a conference call at any time anywhere in the world, providing truly mobile and flexible working. All a participant has to do is dial your mobile number to be automatically connected.

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Cloud Mobile PBX

TeamMate - Voxygen’s unique approach to Cloud PBX. We concentrate on the features that people need most, greatly simplifying the process of performing traditionally complex tasks such as setting up an IVR or a Group Hunt. TeamMate adds all of a organisation’s PBX-like feature requirements to their employees' existing mobile phone number with no changes in existing behaviour and no secondary voicemail system.

Second Number

Until now, ‘Two’ numbers on one phone has been a long sought-after concept but with limited and poor execution. Voxygen’s Second Number service provides a uniform solution that enables operators to bring new meaning to ‘mobile workforce’. The ability to not only receive incoming calls on your second number, but to also make outbound calls and send / receive SMS.

Deep Learning Analytics Platform

Voxygen’s Deep Learning Analytics platform forms part of the Matrix Platform-as-a-Service and provides an overlay to our product suite, providing intelligent voice and text analysis, performing speech to text transcription, interpreting sentiment and tone of voice and interrogating usage to provide workforce efficiency to your customers.